No ads.

No signup.

No tracking.

No data sold.

No followers.

No brands.

No algorithms.

No AI.

No lock-in.

Just you, in control of your memories.

Yesterdays screenshot

A simple, privacy-centric memory journal app from Here & Co.

Things they said,


Your thoughts,


Keep it simple with text, or enrich memories with photos and audio. Fast, simple, clean.

Yesterdays screenshots showing audio and photo memories.
Yesterdays sharing UI screenshot
Yesterdays sharing UI screenshot
Yesterdays sharing UI screenshot
Yesterdays export UI screenshot

It’s your data.

Private by default. Share if you like. Import text, photos, and audio via other apps, or bulk import via .csv file.
Export (everything) anytime in one tap.

Yesterdays screenshot showing notification
Yesterdays screenshot showing a widget

Don’t forget to remember.

Widgets. Writing reminders. Keep those memories coming.

Yesterdays screenshot showing tags feature

Tags. Better than folders.

Organize and filter as needed. Add associated dates to dynamically keep track of ages.

Pretend screenshot showing complicated signup screen Pretend screenshot showing complicated signup screen

No signup needed.

Skip the forms that ask to track everything about you. Just start.

Yesterdays running on multiple devices

Automatic sync.

Content is privately synced across devices via your Apple ID and iCloud.

Super Simple Pricing

Store 10 memories for free.

Beyond that, you just need to pay $5 USD per year to create new memories.

All memories are always yours, always accessible, and always exportable - even if you unsubscribe later.

A Non-convoluted Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is strikingly simple because we collect no data about you individually, or how you use the app.